Responsible Gambling

Gambling is a leisure activity. Whether you or someone you know chooses to gamble, it’s important to understand that gambling comes with potentially serious risks. Because the fact is most people lose when they play the lottery, play a casino game, or place a bet. That’s why you, your family, and your friends should know how to protect yourselves when it comes to problem gambling.

Problem Gambling

Almost everyone who develops a gambling problem thinks it’s just a matter of time until they’ll hit the jackpot. They often gamble to the point that their relationships, finances, and health are negatively affected. That’s why it’s important to make gambling safer.

Don’t think of gambling as a way to make money.

The bottom line is that gambling establishments like land-based casinos and online gambling sites are set up to take in more money than they pay out. This means that over time, you will lose more money than you win.
And, remember it's not just casinos. All forms of gambling have the same principle – the vast majority of people lose so that a very small minority can have big wins. Virtually all people with gambling problems hold the false expectation that they are the ones who will be the big winners.
That belief feeds the problem.

Lottery News


Sunday, 17th March 2018
Ade Goodchild’s £71 million win makes him the 15th biggest National Lottery winner and follows a lucky streak on EuroMillions for UK players in recent months.Patrick and Frances Connolly, A factory worker has vowed to take early retirement and sample the ‘high life’ after discovering he was the sole winner of a £71M EuroMillions jackpot. Ade Goodchild, 58, says the win will change his life with plans to travel the world and buy a house.